There are several types of basic kitchen supplies like rubber spatula, grease interceptors, box gratert and many others that are very useful, and inexpensive. The following items are regularly utilized in both restaurant kitchens and home kitchens.

Rubber Spatula
This old fashioned kitchen tool is useful in many ways, and is always fun to use. If a food product needs to be scraped out of a jar, bowl or pan, a rubber spatula is the best tool to use. Some people also find that these implements work well for spreading frosting onto cakes.

Metal Spatula
While rubber spatulas might be great for some things, they can melt when used in high temperatures. A metal spatula is especially good for turning eggs, and cutting and serving lasagna.

Wooden Spoons
wooden spoon and forkYou almost can’t help but feel nostalgic when you cook with wooden spoons. Almost primitive in nature, wooden spoons evoke a sense of warmth that makes using them a pleasurable experience.

Vegetable Peelers
There’s nothing like using a good old fashioned, manual vegetable peeler to be reminded of just how good the simple products really are.

Box Grater
Usually finished with a shiny stainless steel coating, these unusually shaped graters feature different-sized cutting holes on each of their four sides. You can use one set of holes to make hash brown potatoes, another set to slice zucchini squash or carrots, and still another set to grate lemon rind.

kitchen knivesKitchen Knives
Just like washing dishes, utilizing different knives is a regular part of cooking. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire some good quality knives. Aside from dinner knives, a French-style chef’s knife, a large serrated knife, and a small paring knife should be on hand.

Good-Quality Manual Can Opener
Even though electric can openers can be quite convenient, they can be difficult to operate, and they sometimes malfunction.

If an electrical power outage occurs, and you cannot cook, a good quality manual can opener can be a very useful item. Canned foods might be the only foods you can eat when there is no power.

Beware of low-quality manual can openers. These products generally look like they are sturdy, heavy duty openers, but they often break after only a few uses.

A Few Good Pans
Sure, it’s nice to own lots of cooking pans, but how many really get used? If you have a fairly large-sized frying pan, a medium-sized frying pan, a large saucepan, and a small saucepan, that should be enough for one or two people.

A large baking dish, a couple of small baking dishes, and a flat sheet pan or pizza pan are other handy items that are used with varying degrees of frequency.